Calculate BookTran Price

Calculates and returns the financials for a BookTran.  

Request Profile Table

Element | @Attribute Description/Contents
CalculateBookTranPrice / CalculateBookTranPriceRequest Root element of message.
ResourceID The Resource you want to book.
DateFrom Start date of the BookTran.
DateTo End date of the BookTran.
BookTranSpecialID (optional) ID of a BookTranSpecial to apply (see Get BookTran Specials for more details).
Pax Number of passengers.
Agent Object representing the Booking Agent.
To specify an agent you can just provide either the ID, or the GUID. If both are provided ResLink will make a check to see if the GUID and ID match in the database and will error out if they don't.
  ID ID of the booking agent.
  GUID GUID identifier for booking agent.


You want to calculate the price for a BookTran with ResourceID 170, from 3/4/2020 and 10/4/2020.

Example message:

<CalculateBookTranPrice> <CalculateBookTranPriceRequest> <ResourceID>170</ResourceID> <DateFrom>2020-04-03</DateFrom> <DateTo>2020-04-10</DateTo> <BookTranSpecialID>2</BookTranSpecialID> <Pax>2</Pax> <Agent ID="0" GUID="" /> </CalculateBookTranPriceRequest> </CalculateBookTranPrice>

Response Profile Table

Element | @Attribute Description/Contents
CalculateBookTranPriceResponse / CalculateBookTranPriceResult Root element of message.
Valid Indicates if the requested configuration is valid.
Currency Currency code for financials.
Price Calculated price.
Commission Calculated commission.
Nights Total number of nights
FreeNights Number of free nights

Example message:

<CalculateBookTranPriceResponse xmlns="ResLink"> <CalculateBookTranPriceResult> <Valid>true</Valid> <Currency>AUD</Currency> <Price>4995</Price> <Commission>0</Commission> <Nights>7</Nights> <FreeNights>2</FreeNights> </CalculateBookTranPriceResult> </CalculateBookTranPriceResponse>